Daniel’s interview: 10/2/19

He is 81 and he worked for 4 years in the fabric of Malars, Gurb. Consequently during those years he lived in the colony with his wife.

Which was the quality in the place you were working and in which conditions?

I didn’t have social security for the years I were working there, I had luck that never happened something wrong to me -he says really calm-. I had nice schedules, although, it was a hard work and with some risks. Hardly ever there were security and hygiene controls. Anyway, never I noticed that they were exploiting the workers.

There was any gender difference?

No, there wasn’t any significative difference, the only thing was that in those times men were usually mechanic and women normally made the manual works that needed more skills. The difference was in the place you were working –he specifies-.

How many workers were in the fabric approx..? Which was the range of ages were there?

I don’t know the reason is that I was working in the same place normally. I think there were between 60 to 100 workers. There wasn’t a lot of young people, the youngers were 25 and the older people until they retired.

You just said me previously that you had lived in the colony while you were working. How many people was there? Were you living alone? How was the live there?

We were not many people there, I was living in the house of the owner of the fabric. I was living with my wife and there were 3 or 4 families more. It was a very nice flat. It was like if you go to work and when you finish you go home.

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